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“Yes, I’d love to be a published author …”

Your life. Your family. Your career. Your philanthropy.

Your legacy.

Will your children and grandchildren know your story? Will they know their family history, your business career, your values?

Or will your story never be told in full?

Most successful people dream of becoming a published author, but life gets in the way. It seems as if there’s no time to get a book done.  There’s also the challenge of knowing what to include and what to leave out. Many successful people simply don’t see themselves as writers. And most ghostwriters simply don’t have an understanding of Jewish culture or identity.

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How to Make Your Book Happen

Now you can have a brilliant memoir, business book, family history, or novel, written for you by New York Times bestselling author Michael Levin, the only ghostwriter ever to appear on ABC’s Shark Tank.

The book will be published by Jewish Leaders Books, the world’s most prestigious publisher of Jewish books.

Our ghostwriting and publishing solutions are start-to-finish. Michael will plan your book with you, interview you, send you chapters of the book as they are written, and oversee the editing and publishing of the book.

You will have sole authorship and copyright credit — no one will know that you had any assistance whatsoever in the writing of your book.

If you desire, your book will be available on You can also choose to have your book distributed by Simon & Schuster into both brick-and-mortar Barnes & Noble stores and even into your choice of U.S. airport bookstores

What Michael’s Clients Say

As the author of the E-Myth series of books for business owners, which has sold more than more than 5 million copies, I know something about books and authors! Michael Levin has created more successful books than anyone in human history. There is no one at his level!

—Michael Gerber, Creator, E-Myth

My father, Victor Carter, was a leading industrialist and philanthropist in Los Angeles for decades. Michael Levin worked with me to capture his story from his upbringing in Russia to his conquering of not one but three industries, including the film industry. Michael was a diligent partner, a thorough interviewer, and an outstanding writer, and I’m very proud of the book that we created together. My father was a true Jewish leader in every sense of the term, and I would recommend Michael to any leader seeking to tell his or her story.

—Fanya Carter, author, All The Best

Thank you for helping make this book possible. Never to forget, never to forgive.

—Abe Zuckerman, Holocaust survivor and author, A Voice In The Chorus

Michael was the ghostwriter for my first book, “And You Thought Accountants Were Boring – my life inside Arthur Andersen.” From my very first meeting until the book was finally published, Michael was a delight to deal with. He made writing and publishing my first book a fun and beneficial experience. His help made a world of difference.

—Larry Katzen

 I have worked with Michael on three books, two fiction and a self-help book for attorneys.  He has an immensely valuable skill set. His guidance, at the macro and detailed level,  greatly improved my books.

He is a skilled advisor at each step of a book’s path, from concept to review to marketing.  With his direction, my novel became an Amazon bestseller and my book for attorneys was employed at a major law school. Five stars, he’s the best!

—Wayne Avrashow, Esq.

 Michael is the reason why I was able to publish a book. And the finished product is much better than I could have achieved by myself. Michael offers an invaluable service delivered through a true partnership. Simple stated: One of the best decisions I have made in my career.

—Matt Spielman, author of Inflection Points

 I’m grateful to Michael Levin, who has guided me every step of the way. Michael is a talented author, columnist, and public speaker. Yasher Koach, congratulations on a good job!

—Steven W. Katz, author of Who Knew!

“So how does it work?”

The complete process takes four to six months for writing and three months for publishing…and requires no more than an hour of your time per week.

You’ll meet with Michael for two to three hours on the phone or Zoom to discuss your purpose for doing the book, what outcomes you want from the book, and what you want the book to cover.

You’ll then meet with Michael for hourly sessions in order to complete the book (with your guidance, criticisms, and changes as he sends you each new chapter).

When the manuscript is done, you and Michael will go over it one more time and then Michael will have it copy edited and ready for publication.

“Will my book still belong to me?”

Your Jewish Leaders Books Publishing Agreement will indicate that you alone have cover credit (Michael functions as a ghostwriter), that you own 100% of the copyright, and that you alone receive all income the book generates, whether it’s increased income or revenue in your business or practice, book royalties, speaking fees, and even TV/movie rights.

When you engage for the Test Drive, you have no obligation to complete the book with Michael. It’s Michael’s way of demonstrating to you that Jewish Leaders Books can live up to your high expectations, without you having to commit to the entire book right off the bat.

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Here are the ghostwriting and publishing packages for your consideration:


Star of David

  • Writing, publishing and distribution on Amazon and plus wherever books are sold
  • 100 copies, hardcover or paperback
  • Up to 200 pages in length


Star of David

  • Writing, publishing and distribution on Amazon and plus wherever books are sold
  • 100 copies, hardcover or paperback
  • Up to 250 pages in length
  • Simon & Schuster distribution into brick and mortar bookstores
  • Book marketing campaign


Star of David

  • Writing, publishing and distribution on Amazon and plus wherever books are sold
  • 250 copies, hardcover or paperback
  • Up to 300 pages in length
  • Simon & Schuster distribution into brick and mortar bookstores
  • Marketing campaign to Jewish media
  • Airport bookstore distribution
  • Your book will be published by Forefront Books, America’s leading full service concierge publishing company

We offer 0% financing for six months through PayPal.
We also offer a 5% courtesy discount if you want to do the book as a one-pay.

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