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    What People Say About Michael Levin

    Angela HarrelsonMichael Levin is the go to guy for socially conscious (but not necessarily politically correct) nonfiction, fiction, and memoirs.
    — Angela Harrelson, George Floyd’s aunt and closest relative in Minnesota
    Alan MulallyMichael is a good guy and a fine writer to work with.
    — Alan Mullaly / Former CEO of Boeing & Ford
    Zig ZiglarThank you, Michael Levin, for making my best work even better.
    — Zig Ziglar / Legendary Author
    Steve MortonHiring Michael Levin to help me get a book out was the smartest thing I’ve ever done for marketing my business.
    — Steve Morton / Financial Advisor
    Tate GroomeWriting a book with Michael Levin has been the single biggest accomplishment of my professional career and has elevated me to an elite status in my industry—I couldn’t have reached so quickly without Michael’s help.
    —Tate Groome CEO, Colton Groome & Company
    Scott TurowMichael Levin is a discerning and kind writing coach who has won consistent plaudits from the many persons I’ve sent his way.
    —Internationally Best-selling Author Scott Turow

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